What is a roadmap?

It’s just our way of describing a plan for your high school years to help you can get into your dream school.

If I buy a roadmap, am I guaranteed to get into my dream school?

No. Our service is amazing, but some factors are beyond our control. Sometimes a competing student can follow a roadmap similar to another student’s and produce better results. School gender and racial quotas also affect admissions. And some students get admitted merely because their parents made a sizeable donation to the school. Still, it would be silly not to get a roadmap towards maximizing your chances of admission.

If I buy a roadmap for a major (e.g., engineering) and then buy a second roadmap for another major (e.g., chemistry), will my roadmaps be different?

Yes. In this specific scenario, there probably will be some overlap in some of the suggested AP classes; in fact, this can happen for a hard science major roadmap and a social science major roadmap. But it won’t be a duplicate roadmap. We aren’t scamming you. We’ve taken a LOT of time to ensure you get the best roadmap.

If I buy a roadmap for the same major at two different schools, will the roadmaps be the same?

It depends. If the programs are of the relatively same caliber, then there will be marginal difference (e.g., one school may offer scholarships that the other does not, but most of the roadmap will be the same). But if the programs are of different caliber, it will be noticeably different. For example, roadmaps for engineering at MIT and Harvard will have a lot of overlap, unlike engineering roadmaps for MIT vs. a third tier school.

Why don’t I see my desired college/university amongst the list of schools?

We used the US News Education Rankings as a benchmark. If you wish to see a specific school that’s not listed in our database, please contact us. If we get enough requests for said school, we’ll definitely add it.

Why don’t I see my desired major/program amongst the list of majors?

It should be there, it just may be worded slightly differently. Ex: The University of Chicago lists the following major as “Biological Sciences in Microbiology”; we have listed it as “Microbiology, Biological Sciences” because a student would most likely think of “microbiology” first.

That said, it is possible - though unlikely - that our database has not indexed every major. It is also possible that a school includes an area of study, but does not offer a degree for it. For example, while Rice University includes “Energy Economics” in its Academic Programs list, it offers no BA/BS major for this program. Because you can’t apply to this program, we don’t have a roadmap for it.

Can I create roadmaps for BA/MD, BS/MD, double majors, and/or joint/dual degree programs?

Yes and no. For example, we don’t list joint/dual degree programs that a student cannot apply to on their college application - instead, requiring the student to first complete some undergraduate study. For example, we list UC-Berkeley’s “Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and Business Administration” double major, but do not list UC-Berkeley's “Chemical Engineering/Materials Science and Engineering” joint major.

Why don’t you list schools independent/custom/contract majors?

Such majors require school approval before they can be pursued.

Why aren’t minors or certificates listed as options from which to select?

If you are admitted, it will primarily be based on you meeting qualifications for the major.

Why can’t a high school senior (12th grader) use your service?

College advising is most beneficial the earlier it is utilized. If a 12th-grader were to use our service, there wouldn’t be enough time to suggest something substantive before applications were due. Frankly, they’d be getting ripped off.

Where are you getting your numbers (e.g., suggested SAT score, GPA, etc.) from?

Through institutional contact and/or government databases.

Still have questions? We'd love to help.